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About Smoke & Bacon

Launched in 2018, Smoke & Bacon was born from a veteran with a vision of free speech, patriotism, and a community of like minds.

On the way to celebrating our 3rd year on social media and our 5th season of original content, our platform is like no other.

So grab a glass of whiskey, sit back and relax, and experience the Smoke & Bacon Difference. Oh... and #fuckthezuck.

We never collect or sell your data, we also never sell your email address unlike other
social media sites.


Veterans of all branches world wide welcome

We at Smoke & Bacon built this platform for veterans worldwide of all forces, not just US forces and civilians alike but be warned. Veterans have a dark sense of humor. We encourage that here. We also encourage rebuilding the camaraderie that you may have lost after leaving the military with the veterans in the community.

If you cant support veterans, then as Sam Says →
You can suck my Star-Spangled Dick.

If you have an issue, please feel free to contact the Head Monkey in Charge at [email protected], and one of our complaint monkeys will get back to you.

Veteran Support Resources

If you are a veteran and have a crisis, please get in touch with one of the resources listed here.

A Wild Ride Called Life

Find your Courage, join an fantastic member of our community, veteran and our first published author Annette Whittenberger with a wild ride called life and her mission to end veteran suicide. You are NOT alone.


Let's get Social!

Smoke & Bacon Media LLC

Available on all devices

Tired of Facebook, come give us a try. We promise not to throw you in social media jail.

Smoke & Bacon is a community of like-minded individuals on a social media platform with over 60+ different unique communities and growing. Smoke & Bacon is also a safe place for people to question the status quo. Both those who are curious and those who ask W.T.F. You know what that means.

If you are tired of being in Facebook jail, think your content is too edgy, raw, or free-thinking then here at Smoke & Bacon, we have created a platform for free thinkers and rebels to share what they want. Additional community activities include contests and giveaways, daily and nightly, exciting live streams, as well as new engaging communities launching regularly.

By joining your favorite communities, you will have access to updated personalized feeds of content like news headlines, fun stories, sports talk, games, viral pics, top memes, and videos...Or simply just browse what other members of the communities are posting and talking about.

Smoke & Bacon Radio

Get your tunes on!

Smoke & Bacon Radio is a fully licensed streaming platform playing classic rock, country, and today's best hits.


Equal Opportunity Offender

It's true, all of it 😂😈. Smoke & Bacon is an equal opportunity platform.

What does that mean? Simple, we believe in offending everyone equally, from Karen's to Kevin's. No one should be left out.

As you can imagine, this brings in quite a few complaints. We encourage anyone who does feel that they need to complain to email [email protected], and one of our monkeys will respond.


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